North Dakota

Mounted Shooters Association

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2017 Results

2017 Season Champions 

Men's Overall: Jason Erhardt

Women's Overall: Bailey Elkins

Levels 1-2 High Point Buckle Series: Wanda Erhardt 

Levels 3-6 High Point Buckle Series: Bailey Elkins

Long Gun Overall: Dale Erhardt

Women's Level 1:   Kelly Cozby

Women's Level 2: Kay LaCoe

Women's Level 3: Bailey Elkins

Senior Women's Level 1: Beth Brown

Senior Women's Level 2:  Wanda Erhardt

Senior Women's Level 3: Jaye  Kukowski

Senior Ladies Level 4:  Betty McCommon

Men's Level 1: John Cozby

Men's Level 2: Brent  Woroniecki

Men's Level 4: Cord Barnett

Men's Level 5: Jason Erhardt

Senior Men's Level 2: Miles Cahoon

Senior Men's Level 3: Ivan Gandrud

Senior Men's Level 4: Dale Erhardt

Limited Shotgun:  Kay LaCoe

Open Shotgun: Dale Erhardt

Limited Rifle: Brent Woroniecki

Open Rifle: Dale Erhardt

Rookie of the Year:  John Cozby